Meet Charlotte, the Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis North Fremantle. Joining Regis in October 2022, Charlotte decided to work in the aged care sector because she “wanted to be able to make a difference in the lives of our residents and older community.”  

A typical day for Charlotte is a busy one, but she sees it as her “job to put a smile on all our residents’ faces.” “We are here to bring enjoyment and purpose to their lives, and we get to engage them in fun and exciting activities,” says Charlotte. 

Coming to work every day is something Charlotte looks forward to for two main reasons; the team she works with and the amazing residents. “We have a really strong team environment here at Regis North Fremantle,” Charlotte says. However, “being able to engage the residents in entertaining activities and create new relationships with them, all whilst having fun,” is what makes her role truly satisfying. 

Working with the elderly is special to Charlotte because everyone is unique. She shares, “everyone has a different story and personality, and I enjoy getting to know everyone… building those special relationship with each resident is what makes my work highly rewarding!” 

For anyone contemplating working within the aged care sector, Charlotte recommends “if you have the passion and patience, go for it! The industry offers a wide variety of roles, and there is something for everyone considering taking that first step,” Charlotte says. 

Outside of work, Charlotte has a passion for painting, running art classes and painting workshops during her spare time.  

We’re proud to have wonderful employees like Charlotte here at Regis and thank her for all her hard work in creating the best environment possible for our employees and residents.