Meet Chris, General Manager at Regis Norwood. Having started his career with Regis at the beginning of 2022, Chris’ passion and work ethic were evident from the get-go. His background may not be typical for a career in aged care, yet he was attracted to working in the sector to utilise his experiences to make a positive change to the lives of the elderly in the community.  

“Being a chef by trade and undertaking numerous hospitality management positions throughout my working career, I was excited by the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge that I have gained over time in a different sector, and with those skills, use them to try to really make a difference in the day-to-day lives of the people within our Home.” 

“A typical day in the General Manager’s role in an aged care Home is hugely varied and no day is the same! However, most days start by gathering the team together for an operations meeting to discuss what lies ahead for the upcoming day. From there, the day’s duties are tended to whilst being as involved with the residents’ lives as possible.”  

What Chris loves most about his role at Regis Norwood is “without a doubt, our amazing, beautiful residents… they are the reason we are all here and we are so fortunate to be in a position to be able to work in their home.”  

When asked what inspires him to work with the older community, Chris shares “it’s absolutely wonderful, the stories they tell, the wisdom they have to share and the smiles on their faces when you spend time with them is what makes working in aged care so worthwhile.”  

For anyone seeking a career within the sector, Chris expresses “like any job, you can have tough days, but if you want to work in a role where you really do make a difference and can see the difference you’re making, then aged care is perfect for you!”  

When Chris isn’t at work, he is devoted to spending time with his family. Coming from a large family, “family time is very important” and he loves being around his two young boys. He’s also a huge sports enthusiast, particularly enjoying playing golf as often as he can. Home to Chris means family.