Introducing Concetta, a courageous and inspiring woman whose selflessness and dedication to serving her community are truly remarkable. Now residing at Regis Lutwyche, a leading aged care residence, Concetta’s legacy of community service continues to inspire those around her. At the age of 24, Concetta left her home in Italy and journeyed to Australia with her sister. She established herself in New Farm, Brisbane and quickly joined forces with two brothers to make a name for herself in her new community.

As a young woman, she co-founded the Association of Catholic Italian Youth for Ladies and organised numerous events to support and empower other women. She also served as President of the Catholic Women’s Holy Spirit Association in New Farm for an impressive 14 years, where she selflessly served the community.

Concetta’s generosity and kindness knew no bounds. She worked for a renowned counter company and was introduced to the Australian Red Cross, where she proposed the idea of starting a branch of the Red Cross in New Farm. Her proposal was welcomed with open arms, and she promptly established the Red Cross Association in her home. Through her tireless efforts, Concetta organised various activities to raise funds and support the community’s most vulnerable.

Today, Concetta remains a steadfast pillar of support and positivity in her community at Regis Lutwyche. Her timeless advice to focus on what we can control and always be kind is something we can all learn from. Concetta’s remarkable journey and dedication to serving others have inspired us all. We take a moment to appreciate Concetta and all the selfless individuals who make a difference in their communities. Thank you, Concetta, for being a true inspiration!