Meet Emma, the Acting General Manager at Regis The Gap in Queensland. Her journey within the aged care sector began in 2013 when she started as an Assistant in Nursing Student at a local aged care provider. The acquisition of the Home by Regis marked a pivotal moment for Emma and she seamlessly transitioned into the Regis family.

Emma’s career at Regis has been diverse, showcasing her commitment to personal and professional growth. From her initial role as an Assistant in Nursing, she progressed through positions such as Endorsed Enrolled Nurse, ACFI Support, ACFI Champion, Funding and Documentation Specialist, Assistant Manager, to her current role as Acting General Manager.

What drew Emma to the aged care sector was the profound connection she formed with the residents. Their stories, the daily interactions and the remarkable bonds formed with residents and fellow employees fuelled her passion.

Emma’s career progression at Regis has been dynamic and is marked by a willingness to embrace new opportunities and challenges. Emma has seamlessly transitioned through various roles and is consistently pushing her own limits.

Emma said she was initially nervous about whether there were going to be any changes as part of the acquisition, but the supportive team at Regis played a crucial role in making the transition smooth.

“I was gladly proven wrong!” Emma said. “There was an amazing team that supported us during the changeover to Regis.

“All the employees were kind and understanding and the new processes and applications were massive improvements to what we were currently using.”

Her journey at Regis continues to be a remarkable testament to the possibilities and opportunities within aged care.