Local aged care resident, Fay, is an inspiring role model for the residents of Regis Kirwan, and is regularly found volunteering her free time making crafts for themed events and encouraging others to get involved and be creative. Her dedication and enthusiasm to help are highly appreciated by her fellow residents, and her commitment to giving back has made a lasting impression on everyone around her.

Whether it’s assisting with the ice cream cart, being a voice at the monthly residents’ meeting, or announcing Lifestyle activities over the PA system, Fay goes above and beyond in being an active member of the aged care home.

Each morning, Fay joins the Lifestyle Team briefing before handing out the daily newspapers and mail to residents. She’s such a big presence in the home, she’s even been given her own Regis name badge which she wears with pride.

Fay is a great role model and certainly encourages others to be active and take part in group activities. She’s creative in every way, has a vivid imagination and an eye for detail, and always demonstrates a commitment to making Regis Kirwan the best place to live and work.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way – the more jobs I have the better; it keeps my mind occupied and keeps me going each and every day,” says Fay.

“Now I’m older and have more spare time living at Regis Kirwan, I have grown to love arts and crafts again due to the community donating many items of materials. Everything I have learnt did not come out of books, but purely from my imagination. I enjoy making costumes for the monthly themed events and wearing them for the pleasure it brings my fellow residents – doing this puts many smiles on many faces which I love.”

Fay says “there are so many helpful team members at my home and I love them all; to see their smiling faces every day makes me so happy and I am so lucky. Our Lifestyle Team encourages me to be the best I am and I pass this on to the residents through my crafts. Without these caring people, what would we do?”

Regis offers a diverse range of care options including residential aged care, home care, retirement living, day therapy and day respite. Regis is one of the largest providers of aged care in Australia and cares for more than 7,000 residents each year.

Fay, an aged care resident at Regis Kirwan, smiling and holding a crafted item in her hands, surrounded by other residents and team members