Gaurav Chhabra has been a valued member of our Regis family for over five years, working his way through various positions and within different Regis Homes. His journey started as a Food Service Assistant at Regis Blackburn in 2015then three years later, Gaurav was offered a position as a Lifestyle Assistant. Fast forward to 2021, and Gaurav is now a proud Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Brighton in Victoria. 

As a Lifestyle Coordinator, Gaurav starts his day by greeting all our residents and staff, writing up the daily activity boards around the Home, and commencing the morning activities with our residents. Throughout the day, Gaurav is always engaging with our residents, chatting with them and assisting them in their daily lives – from helping them water their plants, to finding them a new book to dive into. 

Gaurav shared with us that working at Regis and with the elderly “teaches you life experience and is so rewarding. I also get to meet new people and make lifelong friends. 

Helping residents achieve their personal goals, while providing them with emotional and social support is one of the primary reasons that attracted Gaurav to work in aged care. “Doing so gives me a feeling of fulfillment and I feel grateful for assisting and doing things for my residents, said Gaurav. 

In his spare time, you’ll often find our Lifestyle Coordinator catching up with friends, listening to good music and enjoying new culinary delights. 

When asked what ‘home’ means to him, Gaurav shared, “I call home a place where you feel safe, where you have a choice of doing things, where you’re cared for, recognised, respected and, most importantly, loved.” 

Regis People - Lifestyle Coordinator Regis Brighton