With 14 years of experience under her belt as Lifestyle Manager, Iga has been a truly valuable part of the team at Regis Ringwood. She was attracted to working in the sector because she loves “being around people, helping them and involving them in different activities.” She hasn’t looked back since. 

A typical day for Iga involves organising a variety of entertainment and activities for residents to enjoy on a regular basis. She ensures they’re all happy, well looked after and aims to “put a smile on everybody’s faces.” Iga loves her role because she’s “always on the go and getting to know the residents as they’re giving us the opportunity to learn so much from them.”  

Having worked in the sector for numerous years at Regis, Iga believes aged care is sure to provide a rewarding career to anyone wanting to give back to the community and make a difference; “Working in aged care requires patience and understanding,” but most importantly someone who “loves to look after older people and make a difference in their lives.” 

In her spare time, Iga adores spending time with her grandsons and watching their sporting matches. She’s also an avid gardener and particularly loves flowers. Home to Iga means having “a castle of security, a place to relax and spending time with loved ones.”