Jolene serves as the Clinical Care Manager at Regis Birkdale and steers the course of compassionate and personalised care for the residents. Since joining Regis in May 2022, Jolene’s journey reflects professional growth and a commitment to enhancing the lives of the elderly community.

Collaboration is key in Jolene’s approach to resident care. By fostering constant communication within the team, common goals are set, decisions are made collectively and responsibilities are shared. This collaborative effort ensures a holistic approach to care that goes beyond individual roles.

“The incredible diversity of personalities, cultures and opinions enables us to come together as a team and provide the best care we possibly can,” says Jolene.

Jolene recognises the invaluable role families play in the care process. By actively listening to their insights and advice during admission, she tailors care plans to individual resident needs. Open communication and disclosure ensure families remain involved in decision-making and care planning throughout their loved one’s journey at Regis.

“Our care is individualised, based on resident choice and provided by employees who all share a passion for helping others,” says Jolene.

Jolene’s commitment to providing a seamless and integrated care experience is evident in her focus on improving health outcomes and ensuring a positive care experience. Through ongoing dedication, she strives to enhance the wellbeing of residents and their families.