In the heart of Regis Maroochydore, Lifestyle Coordinator Karina is not just shaping activities, she is crafting moments of joy and connection for all the residents.

After starting as an Assistant in Nursing in 2016 Karina pursued her dream of becoming a Diversional Therapist. She transitioned through roles as a Lifestyle Assistant, ultimately being promoted to Lifestyle Coordinator.

The roots of Karina’s journey in aged care can be traced back to a close relationship with her grandmother and a deep desire to advocate for the elderly. She aims to bring comfort, joy and a sense of belonging to the residents of Regis Maroochydore.

Karina’s approach extends beyond routine care — it’s about creating an extended family within Regis Maroochydore. When involving families in the care process she ensures open communication and seeks input on activities that cater to the unique preferences of each resident. The positive feedback from families echoes the homely environment and the exceptional care provided by the dedicated team.

Karina fosters a culture where families trust the Regis team to care for their loved ones with the utmost respect and professionalism.

The Maroochydore Lifestyle team has successfully introduced musical instruments into their program and has created a drumming group that resonates with the residents. This initiative has not only brought joy but also positively impacted the wellbeing of the community at Regis Maroochydore.

Karina’s advocacy for increased bus outings to resident-chosen places reflects her commitment to broader community engagement. Whether it’s a visit to The Buderim Ginger Factory, horse racing in Caloundra or enjoying a BBQ in the park with other Regis Homes, these outings enrich the lives of residents and contribute to the broader aged care community.

Karina’s journey reflects the essence of Regis People — a community where every resident and employee alike is valued, respected and cared for.