Lisa Pawlenko is the Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Sandgate Musgrave and has been with the Regis family for more than fourteen years.

She is passionate about working in aged care as she really values listening to the elderly’s stories and wanting to know more about their wisdom and knowledge. Lisa shared that no two days are the same in Regis Sandgate Musgrave. The job brings with it its own challenges and rewards. She organises the team for the day’s events, prepares activities and plans for the month’s events. Lisa expressed that she finds it satisfying when she is able to assist residents with their lifestyle choices, their needs and helping the residents with their own personal goals. With careful planning, the residents can remain as independent as possible and can continue to choose their lifestyle choices in a holistic approach.

Lisa is grateful that her team is enthusiastic, supportive and told us that they have become like a second family to her. She also recognises Regis management listening to her suggestions and them supporting her creative ideas.

When asked what she likes best working with the elderly, she explains that she loves to make them smile and help them forget their troubles, even if it is just for a little while. “It’s nice to know that the residents feel comfortable enough that they can knock on my door and we will be able to assist them or just lend a listening ear. We become family to a lot of them,” said Lisa.
Lisa has a piece of advice for those wanting to join the aged care. “Remember you are entering their home and world, and not them entering your workplace,” said Lisa. This will help new staff to remember their main objective for the day.

“Treat them with dignity and respect as they have been through so much in their lifetime, treat them as you would treat your own parents or grandparents. Listen to them without passing judgement. Go for it, you won’t regret it because they can teach you so much.”

Family gatherings are very important to Lisa and she loves to hang out with her seven grandchildren. She enjoys taking photos at family events to create lasting memories for herself and her family.