The aged care sector is a challenging, yet rewarding areas of employment. As a Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Nedlands in Perth, Liz Armijo Gatica knows all too well what it takes to provide compassionate and dedicated care to elderly residents. With her unique perspective on what it’s like to work in this field, Liz shares her experiences and insights with us. 

Joining Regis in November 2018, Liz has been able to take on different roles and responsibilities, starting as a Lifestyle Assistant before moving up to her current position as a Lifestyle Coordinator. Her passion for the aged care sector began with her upbringing, where she was raised by her grandmother or “Zaida,” as she lovingly called her. Being around elderly people from a young age was a formative experience that inspired her to pursue a career in this field. 

When asked about a typical day in her role, Liz admits that “there is never a dull moment.” Starting with a morning meeting with the management team, she then meets with her team to organise their daily duties. Her favorite part of the day is running exercise sessions with the residents, but she also spends time gathering information for future activities and newsletters, supervising the smooth running of daily activities, and providing support to her team. 

For Liz, spending time with the residents is what she loves most about her role. She finds it incredibly satisfying when they have run an activity that has brought joy to the residents. Her team is also a great source of support, with everyone genuinely caring about the residents and being committed to their care. 

Working with the elderly has many rewards, and Liz highlights the laughs and life advice that she receives from them. “Most of the time they make me laugh,” she says. “I feel like they are looking after me, and I truly appreciate the great advice I get from them. They have become my own family.” Liz has developed a strong bond with the residents, which is a testament to her compassionate and caring nature. 

For those considering a career in aged care, Liz offers some valuable advice. “You must be patient, kind, empathetic and passionate,” she says. These qualities are essential for anyone working in this field as it requires a lot of patience and understanding to provide the best care possible for the elderly. 

For Liz Armijo Gatica, her role as a Lifestyle Coordinator at Regis Nedlands has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Her passion for her work shines through in her daily interactions with the residents, and her insights into the industry provide valuable advice for those considering a career in aged care.