Meet Matthew Bazsika. Before joining Regis in 2021, Matthew held recruitment, banking, and home care roles. He is now our General Manager at Regis Fawkner.

Like many of our employees, Matthew knew that he wanted to work in aged care from an early age. “I have always had a desire to assist the elderly. I lived with my grandparents for my last year of high school and have witnessed them receive home care and eventually move into a nursing home. I would often go and visit them, helping to feed them and spend time with them after school.” The level of care that Matthew showed with his grandparents is evident in his considerate nature, and the kind encounters that he has with our residents daily.

No two days are the same on the job for Matthew, where he often spends valuable time engaging with residents, employees, and family members to ensure that “they are safe, cared for, and happy.” Matthew loves building relationships with our residents, listening to their stories and learning from their precious wisdom. In return, Matthew never fails to make our residents smile and works closely with them to ensure their needs are met.

Surrounded by a fantastic team and support structure at Regis, Matthew can’t help but boast about those around him. “I enjoy working with my terrific team, learning from them, conversing with them, and developing them. Regis offers great support to become the best person you can be in your role.” We love having a person like Matthew in the team who constantly takes the time to provide support where required and help his colleagues grow.

Although Matthew has only been in the sector a short time, he can’t recommend it more to anyone thinking of leaping into the field. “It is a very fulfilling industry where you can give back to those who have given so much already. I have no regrets, and I am sure you won’t either.”

When asked what home means to him, Matthew simply responds that it is a place where he “feels comfortable, safe, and a sense of belonging.” This is the ethos that Matthew, and the rest of the Regis family, ensure to relay to our residents.

Outside of work, Matthew is a keen basketballer and loves exploring everything Victoria has to offer with his wife.

We’re proud to have wonderful employees like Matthew here at Regis and thank him for all of his hard work in creating the best environment possible for our residents.