Meet Molly Pelgrave, a dedicated and compassionate employee at Regis Sandgate Griffith. Molly joined Regis five years ago, starting her journey as a Housekeeper and gradually advancing to the positions of Lifestyle Assistant and eventually Lifestyle Coordinator. Her impressive progression within the company showcases her commitment and enthusiasm for providing exceptional care to the elderly.

What drew Molly to the aged care sector was the opportunity to step outside the confines of a traditional office and make a real difference in people’s lives. She firmly believes that even the smallest gestures, like offering a cup of tea, can have a profound impact on the individuals she cares for.

In her current role as a Lifestyle Coordinator, Molly’s typical day revolves around creating and organising various activities for the residents. From exercise classes to cooking sessions, she ensures that the residents have opportunities to engage and enjoy themselves.

What Molly cherishes most about her role at Regis is the incredible team spirit at Regis Sandgate Griffith. The management has fostered a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, allowing the team to work together seamlessly in supporting their residents.

For those considering a career in aged care, Molly’s advice is simple yet powerful:

“skills can be taught, but kindness, care, and compassion are intrinsic qualities that can make a significant impact on the daily lives of residents. Not only does it allow one to contribute positively to the lives of others, but it also provides an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for life and the value of helping others.”

Outside of work, Molly indulges in her love for hair, makeup, and getting her nails done. She enjoys immersing herself in history and crime documentaries, expanding her knowledge and interests. Additionally, she has a passion for baking and has become the go-to birthday cake baker in her family, always upping the ante with her creations.

Molly Pelgrave is a shining example of the compassionate and dedicated individuals who make Regis a remarkable organisation. Through her work and commitment, she embodies the values of care, respect, and kindness, creating a positive impact in the lives of the elderly she serves.