Meet Ness, our warm and welcoming receptionist at Regis Sandgate Musgrave. Ness joined the Regis community in October 2020, transitioning from roles in electrical and automotive companies to embrace a career in aged care. Drawn by a desire to make a difference in someone’s life and ease their journey, Ness found her calling as a receptionist at our Sandgate Musgrave Home.

At Regis, Ness discovered the joy of connecting with people to make their lives a little easier and found contentment in a position that resonates with her passion for helping others.

From the day she stepped through the doors, Ness shared that her colleagues have been supportive and provided training and assistance to ensure she excels in her role.

Ness highlights the friendly atmosphere and the collective dedication of the team to caring for residents. Each day they come together to create a home where residents feel valued and listened to.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Regis, Ness’s journey epitomises the spirit of compassionate care and the collaborative culture that defines Regis Sandgate Musgrave. As she continues to create a welcoming atmosphere, Ness remains an integral part of the team and contributes to the heart and soul of aged care at Regis.