Meet Prabesh, the Clinical Care Manger at Regis East Malvern. Joining Regis in November 2019, he has worked in various positions, including Registered Nurse in Charge before his current role. 

Speaking about his role, Prabesh said, “a typical day in my role involves advocating for the residents, delegating tasks and providing clinical support and education to the team.” 

When asked what attracted him to work in the aged care sector, Prabesh mentioned his personal experience growing up with his grandparents. “I used to help with all the medications and visits to medical centers with them, sparking my interest to work in aged care,” he shares. 

Prabesh’s role is crucial in maintaining the health and well-being of the residents at Regis East Malvern. Speaking about his role, Prabesh said, “I love hearing about their past stories and also getting to learn valuable life lessons and experiences.” He believes that building meaningful relationships with the residents is an essential part of his job. 

Prabesh also enjoys working at Regis because of the incredible team members. He believes that a positive working environment is crucial to the delivery of quality care to the residents. Speaking about his team, Prabesh shares Regis East Malvern has a “great working environment with supportive team members.” 

For those considering a career in aged care, Prabesh says, “it is important to have a strong sense of commitment to the well-being of older people to improve their quality of life and care.”  

“A career in aged care can be challenging but rewarding, as it provides an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of elderly people in need of care and support,” Prabesh shares. 

Prabesh’s compassion, commitment, and dedication to his work make him an essential part of the Regis team.