“My name is Saroj Chaudhary, and I have been working as a support worker in Regis Home Care –Tasmania South since March 2021. Having completed a Certificate III in Individual Support (Home, Aged and Community), I started my journey in residential care before moving across to a home support role. It is my great pleasure to work for Regis, as they ensure that both employees’ and clients’ health and safety are their first priority. Not only does my work involve providing care and support to people living at home to maintain their well-being and independence, but I also develop bonds with our clients and their families. I love working with elderly people and maintaining friendly relationships with a caring and supportive attitude.

Working in the aged care industry gives me an opportunity to meet a wide range of older people, and I feel a great sense of inner satisfaction and peace when I see them recovering, changing, and improving day by day because of my positive efforts. I have found that sometimes the things that seem small can make a big difference for our clients, like having someone to confide in, help with a simple task, or simply a friendly smile. Thus, I believe sharing a cup of tea and conversation with someone goes a long way to making their day more enjoyable. Furthermore, a career in home care provides me the opportunity to work shifts that suit my lifestyle and to develop skills that enhance my personal and professional life. I will never stop making the effort to bring positive change in clients’ lives which helps them live a dignified and enjoyable life. I am committed to always doing my best and overcoming any challenges along the way. Outside of work, I love listening to music, playing soccer, travelling to different places, and meeting new people.”