Meet Sun Xi, affectionately known as Sadie among the residents and staff here at Regis Hurstville, New South Wales. She joined Regis Hurstville as a Registered Nurse in early 2019 but her experience as a nurse in aged care dates back to 2014. Prior to this, Sun Xi worked as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) in a hospital while studying at university.

At Regis she has recently taken the role of Infection Prevention and Control Nurse or IPC nurse to assist with infection control and outbreak management. This role has helped to broaden Sun Xi’s knowledge and appreciation of the various roles within Regis.

When asked what was it that attracted her to work in the aged care sector, she replied, “I think working in aged care makes people feel closer to the local community.” “You take time to listen to the residents about their needs and provide attentive services in return,’’ added Sun Xi.

A typical day in Sun Xi’s role at Regis Hurstville carries multiple responsibilities. She supervises care staff on residents’ hygiene needs, medication administration and wound care. She will also conduct care plan reviews and provide updates for the resident’s families.

Sun Xi values the cultural diversity and she is grateful for the supportive team at the Home.

When asked what she likes about working with the elderly, she replied, “Working with the elderly is not only to take care of them physically and emotionally but also to share memories and appreciate life.”

For those who want to start a career in aged care, Sun Xi advised one must be passionate about the job, especially when dealing with the elderly. “You also need to have patience when interacting with the residents, taking time to understand their needs,” explained Sun Xi.

She emphasised the greatest motivation for her working at Regis is having a very supportive clinical team (Nurse on Call) that provides professional clinical knowledge to assist residents in challenging situations.

Together, Sun Xi and her colleagues at Regis Hurstville focus on bringing smiles to the residents’ faces, making a positive difference every day in their lives and ensuring they received well-deserved care.

“I enjoy working out, cooking and traveling,” replied Sun Xi when asked about her favourite past times.

Regis Hurstville is positioned in Sydney’s suburban south west, conveniently situated six-minutes from Westfield Hurstville and a short stroll to Hurstville railway station. Outdoors, beautiful garden beds and courtyards are available to residents and loved ones to soak in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air. The Home’s lifestyle program is tailored to our traditional Chinese residents with a connection to their culture and tastes.