Meet Tom, one of Regis Blackburn’s most fascinating residents. Growing up in Tasmania, he moved to Melbourne in 1955 with his family. Since then, Tom has worked in an array of different roles in many different industries, providing him with extensive life experiences. Tom spent 17 years working as a primary school teacher, as well as another 17 years working as a store manager. However, Tom shared he “always liked working for myself.” Being the incredibly skilled and diverse man he is, he spent time fixing car radios before owning a milk bar of his own.

Now 94 years of age, Tom has been living at Regis Blackburn for the past four years. Regis Blackburn was familiar to him, as his late wife, Mary, had been in for respite care in the past and they lived in the local area. Tom moved into a shared room with Mary, which helped his transition into aged care because it “felt like home.” Now living in his own room, and with the support of the team at Regis Blackburn, Tom has been able to maintain his independence. He is getting his own scooter, which will enable him to get out into the community, visit the local library and enjoy the beautiful parklands surrounding the Home more often.

Tom loves spending his time reading, watching TV or DVD’s he has rented from the local library, or playing on his computer. Although enjoying spending time on his own, he has made good friendships whilst living at Regis Blackburn, enriching his daily life. Tom shares “the team are great,” making his time with Regis all the more enjoyable, as their support makes Tom’s life vastly easier and comfortable.