At Regis Rose Bay, we are incredibly fortunate to have the talented Music Coordinator Liz from the local Catholic church as a volunteer. Every three months, Liz brings her wonderful students to our Home, and together, they create a symphony of joy and togetherness. 

The magic begins as Liz takes her place at the piano, directing the session with passion. The students, with their violins and cellos, add a sweet melody to the air, while taking turns to serenade us with their beautiful voices. The residents are delighted to see this connection happening right in front of them! 

What makes this program truly special is the personal touch that Liz brings to each performance. She collaborates closely with us to identify the residents’ favourite songs, ensuring they feel a deep connection with the music. 

Liz and her students have been part of various heartwarming occasions at our Home. They have graced us with their presence during Christmas and Anzac Day, spreading cheer and honouring our traditions. 

We are deeply grateful to Liz and her talented students for making our Home a place of harmony and happiness.