Environmentally savvy residents were recently given the opportunity to celebrate the simple joys of gardening, and to join in with an activity which is well known for being good for both the mind and body.

Almost a dozen residents at Regis Nedlands helped to replant a sustainable herb and veggie garden, with the help of the home’s care team who are themselves passionate about gardening and the environment.

Organised by Lifestyle Coordinator, Liz Armijo Gatica, and her team, the reinvigorated veggie garden will not only provide fresh produce for all residents to enjoy, it also offered a therapeutic experience for residents, particularly those living with short term memory loss.

“Our extensive herb and veggie garden is already proving a real hit with residents, many of whom loved gardening in their younger years and who are already keen to pick their own veggies and herbs, which they can share with their family members when they visit,” says Liz, who also explains that residents have been growing their own mint to make non-alcoholic mojitos.

“Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a meaningful activity and we have a lot of seniors with green thumbs who really enjoyed gardening when they were younger, with many now looking forward to heading to our gardens to help themselves to tomatoes and herbs.

“The produce we’re growing also offers a sensory and enriching experience for residents, and the garden area itself is an environment in which they can relax and spend time chatting with their family, and also the carers who are dedicated to their wellbeing.

“Research has shown that smell and touch sensations actually promote concentration and alertness, so the garden really does have many benefits for our residents here at Regis Nedlands.”