Staying protected keeps us close together. At Regis, our highest priority is the health and safety of our residents, clients, employees, and visitors. We pride ourselves on the well-established infection prevention and control measures that we have in place, which create a safe and secure environment for all. In response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen disruptions to supply chains and stock procurement, we have established dedicated hubs across the country to store our vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

These hubs also directly provide our Homes, sites, and offices with these valuable resources so we can quickly put them straight to use. PPE, which includes gloves, goggles, face shields, and N95 masks, is integral to protecting our residents and employees from the spread of COVID-19. By equipping ourselves with PPE, we can continue to deliver the highest level of care to our residents and clients, even during these difficult times.