We had the opportunity to speak with Carmel, a resident at Regis Macleod, who shared her delightful experience during the state-wide excursion to Puffing Billy. She expressed her favourite moments and the joy that filled the day:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular view of the eucalypts and ferns along the train route. I have been on the train before when I was teaching. But it was so long ago I’m not sure exactly when!”

“My favourite part of the day was listening to the unique sound of the steam engine and seeing puffs of smoke. It was a very happy experience being shared by all of us.”

Carmel’s words beautifully capture the nostalgia and excitement that Puffing Billy brought to the journey. The breathtaking scenery and the captivating sounds of the steam engine made it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Puffing Billy - Victoria