Our passionate teams were delighted to bring together 97 residents from 14 Homes in Victoria to experience a memorable day out on the iconic steam train – Puffing Billy.

For those who have experienced the charm of Puffing Billy, this journey promises to evoke a sense of nostalgia, while offering newcomers an exciting adventure and opportunity to create lasting memories.

Over the coming days, we’ll be telling the tales from a number of residents about their experience on the wonderful train.

Charles and Sheila Rothberg, Regis Armadale.

Charles Rother shared “It was lovely to see the beautiful bush countryside in all its glory. The remains of autumn colours and beautiful ferns. I enjoyed the train journey; it was great to be with singing pals and Regis people.”

“I have been on the train years ago with our children. The train was just as amazing as it was back then, bending through the hills and valleys. Thanks to all Regis for arranging the day.”

Sheila Rothberg expressed that the highlight of her day was watching the scenery glide past. Joining the ‘choir’ in singing Que Sera, Sera and the gathering of Victoria Regis residents.

“I’ve been on Puffing Billy before with friends from Perth. They were amazed at the green landscape and I remembered feeling pride at displaying beautiful Victoria.”

Puffing Billy - Victoria Puffing Billy - Victoria Puffing Billy - Victoria