On 24 November 2021, Clyde Black experienced one of the proudest moments in his career. As part of the National Regis Care Awards, Clyde was announced winner of the prestigious CEO Award. His   strong leadership and outstanding achievements in 2021 were recognised through the online awards and celebrated by the Regis community.  

The CEO Award is the highest honour for an individual to receive from the awards. The recipient is selected by Managing Director and CEO, Linda Mellors. Linda recognises one member from the Regis community who demonstrates the Regis values and spirit in everything they do and say. When Clyde heard his name echoed across the nation, he was filled with emotion and pride.  

“I’m a great fan of the excellent work our CEO, Linda Mellors is doing across the sector and particularly in our business. To win the CEO Award is the greatest achievement in my professional career”.  

This year, Clyde began his seventh year at Regis and transitioned to the organisation from hotel management. Before joining the Regis community, he viewed Regis as a large scale, professional company that had the ability to grow and develop their employees. So, in 2015, when he was offered the role as Assistant Facility Manager, he accepted the position with open arms and a hunger to grow professionally. The commitment to his work and honourable way in which he served residents was recognised and in June 2020 he was appointment General Manager of Regis Kuluin 

Every day is different and brings its unique challenges. The General Manager role is hands on and I enjoy leading and empowering the team to make each day bigger and better then the last. The team at Kuluin is driven and some would say, competitive. We enjoy improving day on day and making this the best place for our residents and employees”.  

When asked what stands out about his role, Clyde passionately responds, “My role is extremely rewarding because we help people. We help families and representatives of residents who are fatigued and struggling to support their loved ones. We help people secure employment, provide for their families and develop their career. We help residents live a fulfilling life filled with friendships, fun and quality care.

The stories are what really captivates me. Living in the early 1900s was a lot different to how we live today; I really appreciate the commitment and dedication residents gave to our country and the challenges they experienced. If anyone is contemplating joining the aged care sector, jump right in because you’ll be glad you did! Every day is different, and you’ll never stop learning.”  

Three months on from winning the CEO Award, Clyde continues to reminisce and smile from the memories of that day. He is thankful to his team at Regis Kuluin for celebrating the joyous occasion with him and hosting a glamorous event full of delectable food and mocktails. Clyde also relived the Awards day by gathering with his family to watch the Awards video for the second time.  

Congratulations Clyde! We cannot wait to see what the future at Regis holds for you!