Meet Pramita, a Personal Care Assistant at Regis Ringwood. Before joining Regis one year ago, Pramita was a full-time student aspiring to enter the aged care sector to support older people because she says “we can learn so many things while caring for them”.  

A typical day working as a Personal Care Assistant consists of being responsible for and providing care for and supervision to the residents in all areas of their daily life. Pratima loves “caring and helping elderly people,” whilst building connections with her team members. She particularly loves the wisdom the residents have passed onto her, and “getting to know their experiences of how they lived their life, how they enjoyed themselves and how much they’ve gone through to be here” … “it is encouraging to work better and see things from a different perspective”.  

When asked for her advice to those seeking a career in aged care, Pratima shared: “to be physical and mentally strong to deal with situations, work on your communication and listening skills, be able to multitask and most of all, be supportive and caring”.  

Outside of work, Pratima loves spending time with her family, cooking, gardening, and watching movies.