“When you see residents smile, it makes the tough days melt away. I really appreciate everything the older generation has done for us. I feel happy to be able to make a difference to a very vulnerable group of people. They have dedicated their lives to us and it’s our turn to look after them”, Qi Zhang, General Manager, Regis Lutwyche.

There is something very special about Regis Lutwyche. From the beaming smiles radiating from employees to the content faces of residents, you can’t help but feel good in the Home.

Regis Lutwyche is held in high regard, both in the local community and at Regis. The team is known to do anything that makes residents happy. Going above and beyond is the best way to describe the mindset of every employee as no job is too big or small. Some days, you will find, the general manager painting a resident’s fingernails or a Lifestyle coordinator searching for a hair product for a resident. They work by the motto that the Home is not just a nursing home, but a real home where every resident deserves to enjoy their lives, every day.

Qi Zhang is the General Manager of Regis Lutwyche. When interviewing Qi, you sense genuineness from her drive to make the Home the best place to live and work. “My job is to make sure we provide exceptional care for our residents. Nothing is ever too much, and we are here for our residents and their care comes first. We will do anything to make them smile. You won’t hear us say, it’s not my job”.

In 2018, Qi visualised that in the near future she would hear Regis Lutwyche announced as the winner of the Home of the Year award in the National Care Awards. In 2021, her vision became reality! When asked why she thought they won the prestigious award, she said “we provide exceptional care for our residents and have a great reputation in the community. We consistently received positive feedback from residents and families throughout the testing times of the Royal Commission and COVID-19. It was our time to win this award.”

Employees at Regis Lutwyche are happy. They describe their relationship as a family unit and feel respected and valued in their roles. Every Friday, the team gets together for what they call ‘Fun Friday’ where they celebrate their achievements over a meal and receive safety training.

When learning of their National Care Awards nomination, the Home became abuzz with excitement in the months leading up to the event. And when Awards day finally arrived, the residents and team gathered to share the moment. As the Home’s name was called, eyes welled up and employees screamed, clapped and jumped up and down with pure joy! Qi said, “We worked very hard in the last three years as so much has happened. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was worth the joy we felt when we won the award”.

Congratulation Regis Lutwyche. You are a proud example of exceptional teamwork and a happy Home.

Aged Care Chermside