Last week, 170 residents from Regis Aged Care headed out on an exciting trip to Rochford Wines in the scenic Yarra Valley. With residents from 15 residences across Victoria in attendance, it was one of the largest multi-home events organised by Regis.

Against the backdrop of the Yarra Valley’s stunning scenery, residents enjoyed a wine-tasting session and a two-course meal of salmon or beef followed by pannacotta. The atmosphere was enhanced by a Spanish guitarist, particularly when he played Sweet Caroline with everyone singing along to the chorus and cheering loudly afterwards.

The highlight however was Zorba with everybody clapping and dancing in their chairs. One resident and some employees even got up and danced along to the traditional Greek Zorba dance.

The outing catered to varied interests, ensuring there was something for everyone to enjoy. For 91-year-old Regis East Malvern resident Louise, it was getting out into the great outdoors.

“The drive was amazing. I was looking forward to getting outside and going somewhere new,” Louise said. “But it’s mostly about getting out with other people. I’m definitely a people person.”

Regis Regional General Manager Alan Bouchereau said he values the importance of his teams’ efforts in creating diverse events in consultation with residents.

“Our residents had a fantastic time enjoying the beautiful scenery sharing special moments together in the Yarra Valley,” Alan said. “We organise events like these, because as today demonstrates, they’re a great opportunity to build strong connections and create lasting memories.”

Ninety-five-year-old Regis Brighton resident Mavis and fellow resident 84-year-old Wendy became friends at their Home. Social activities and outings give them the opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

“Today is amazing,” Mavis said. “I really wasn’t expecting this.”

“It was a memorable trip, it’s so wonderful and beautiful here,” Wendy said. “But I was mostly looking forward to the wine. It’s a winery after all, and I love good wine.”

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