The garden at Regis Hurstville has been the venue for many wonderful, shared activities between our residents, employees, and visitors. Amongst these is our daily exercise group, ‘Sit and Fit’, which incorporates exercise ball drumming, laughing yoga, and resistance training with cardio.

The exercise group is an excellent initiative that supports our residents’ social, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It also encourages them to get into the garden each morning to breathe in the fresh air and soak up the magnificent sun.

Our team goes all out to try and make this activity as engaging as possible, with party hats and fun decorations to create a wonderful atmosphere out in the garden.

Getting outside into natural surroundings and spending time outdoors has been shown to have many benefits. These include improved brain function, the reduction of feelings of depression and anxiety, and a natural boost of vitamin D. It is also great for our residents to pick up new skills and develop new hobbies.

Our Lifestyle team reflects on this activity and says, “we know we can all laugh alone, but it is always better to laugh with friends. Therefore, we laugh out loud every day throughout the session.” This activity is just one of the many ways our team gets all our residents together for a fun, stimulating, and healthy time in the sun, proving that exercise can be fun.