They say friends are the loved ones we choose, and that companionship is more important than ever as we grow older. There is no word for old friends who have just met, but Wendy and Pina, who met within their aged care residence, embody this special bond. Having both moved into Regis Fawkner in June last year, Wendy decided to introduce herself to Pina whose room was close by. Since then, they quickly discovered their congeniality and have been inseparable ever since.

Wendy adores Pina because “she cares about me… I love hearing her laugh.” Pina is also incredibly fond of Wendy and cherishes her company; “I’m not sure I can pin-point it, but I just enjoy talking to Wendy.” From the moment they met, Pina and Wendy had an instant connection and familiarity with each other, despite their differences.

Friendship means different things to different people, but to Wendy, it means being able to “laugh with each other… I like making people laugh.” Developing a strong connection with a fellow resident has supported their transition into aged care. Particularly for Wendy, who prefers small groups or one-on-one activities, finding someone to connect with and share life with in aged care adds immense joy to everyday life. Pina shares how “safe and well looked after” she feels at Regis Fawkner, and Wendy loves all the team members providing exceptional care for her. However, their friendship has been something more than they could have anticipated from their new Home.

Wendy and Pina enjoy spending time in the garden, going for walks, having a good chat and reminiscing together. They also love when the Lifestyle team organise community outings as they relish going on adventures together. Their friendship has blossomed into a special bond, and they are now currently trialing living together in a shared room. “They can often be heard laughing with each other,” says Regis Fawkner General Manager, Peter Lamborne.

Developing a friendship through this time in their lives has made their transitions into aged care much easier for them both. It has meant both women have had someone who they can effortlessly connect with. Most importantly, they remind us of the significance friendships have on us and the powerful and positive impact they can make on our lives daily.