Our residents at Regis Birkdale had a delightful morning filled with creativity and sweetness as they indulged in a special cupcake decorating session. With the talented in-house chef entertainer Lyn leading the way, the atmosphere was brimming with joy and excitement.

The residents were amazed by this clever and unique cupcake design, which they had never seen before.

Not only were the cupcakes visually stunning, but they also tasted absolutely delicious. Elsie, one of our residents, couldn’t resist complimenting the delectable treats and vowed to pass on this wonderful idea to her grandkids.

The positive impact of this cupcake decorating session was truly heartwarming. Our residents not only had a fantastic time engaging in the activity but also learned various techniques for decorating cupcakes. The sense of accomplishment and newfound knowledge brought them immense satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.