Needles and yarn have made a comeback and aren’t going out of style any time soon! Knitting Group is a weekly activity at local aged care residence, Regis Kingswood, bringing residents and employees together to create something they can be proud of.  

Knitting Group was founded in early 2021 as an occasional knit and chat get-together. However, it was so well received that the Lifestyle Team permanently placed the activity group into their calendar for the hands-on activities. 

With many eager regular members, as well as a few residents who attend as they please, Knitting Group is always a social space that allows our residents to socialise and get creative in a welcoming environment. With knitting needles in hand, time flies by swiftly. People are always surprised by the amount of progress they can make in a brief moment.  

The group is immensely popular as it is a creative, hands-on exercise, in a social setting that provides an opportunity for residents to create strong bonds with one another. 

Regis Kingswood Lifestyle Coordinator, Lauren, shares “Pixel art blankets work well because everyone can work on one small square at a time. Before you know it, it has become something much bigger thanks to everyone’s efforts.” 

Last year, the group dedicated their efforts towards making a seahorse blanket, which they collectively decided to donate to a charity auction. It was sold for $100 and the money was generously given to the Make a Wish Foundation. This had a particular connection to the residents due to a recent bus trip to see Christmas lights in the local community; the first house they saw was dedicated to the Foundation, and the owner came to have a chat with everyone who attended. This made all the participating residents extremely proud that they could give back in a small way to their community.