Sustainability has been top of mind at Regis Nedlands. After the sweltering heat wave Perth was hit with over the summer, some of the plants were left a little worse for wear. The Lifestyle team decided it was time to revamp the area and brighten it up with a sustainable project, and chose to convert the garden bed on level four into a herb garden for everyone at the Home to use. Sam Waldron, the General Manager at Regis Nedlands, made a trip to Bunnings to gather all the supplies necessary, and also removed all the weeds to bring this project to life. 

The next morning, our new garden bed was transformed with many of the residents participating in this new sustainability venture. They were all very focused on getting the job done, and got involved by putting the soil and fertilizer into the garden bed, planting the fresh herbs, decorating the bed, as well as watering their new garden. All the residents and employees were so excited by the final result, “loved the decorations” and were so excited to “use the herbs for cooking.” The fresh aroma of the new herb garden was something the residents loved and are still talking about. 

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