Over the loud hiss of steam billowing from the train, the Station Master yelled “All aboard!” He blew his whistle and waved his flag. The train slowly chugged away. It’s the famous “Ghan Rail Journey”.

Our residents at Regis Sandgate Musgrave in Queensland were taken on a magical adventure across the unspoiled Australian landscape aboard “The Ghan”, Australia’s greatest train journey. Station Master Alex was on Platform 1 to ensure an orderly “boarding” of our passengers while Sharon, the hostess took care of our residents’ comfort by serving beverages and light snacks during the trip.

The train tickets even came with serial numbers, giving them a truly authentic feel, courtesy of Queensland Rail.

One of our residents’ wishes was to travel across the Nullabor plains on the famous “Ghan” train. Eileen said that she had been on “The Ghan” many years ago and it was the most remarkable experience she has ever had. “The best part was meeting different kinds of people along the way,” said Eileen. She smiled throughout the whole ‘journey’ and reminisced with her co-residents as Regis recreated the magical moment for her.

Our residents had a thrilling time and were beaming with joy and are looking forward to their next trip on the “Indian Pacific”.