Last week, in a unique and heartwarming event, the Melbourne Cup made a special stopover at Regis Tiwi in Darwin on its global tour before the big race.

The Victorian Racing Club had chosen Darwin as one of the destinations for the Melbourne Cup tour, and the Darwin Turf Club played a crucial role in making this visit unforgettable. The day was marked with a series of events that brought smiles to the faces of both young and old.

The history of the Melbourne Cup, one of Australia’s most iconic sporting trophies and events, was shared with residents during a morning tea session. The Cup itself, along with its keeper, Joe McGrath, made a grand appearance, captivating the audience and sparking nostalgia among the residents. The atmosphere was lively with residents and guests dressing up for the occasion.

Wayne Harris, a Melbourne Cup-winning jockey, added a touch of racing glamour to the event. Alongside his wife, Tracey Harris, he shared stories of his triumphs and the thrill of riding to victory in the Melbourne Cup. Their presence transported everyone back in time, reliving the magic of this special race day.

The Melbourne Cup Tour team engaged in a lively Q&A session, answering questions and sharing anecdotes about the Cup’s journey around the world. The residents, in turn, shared their own cherished memories of the Melbourne Cup, creating a heartwarming exchange of stories between generations.

The event also drew the attention of dignitaries responsible for racing, emphasising the significance of the Melbourne Cup’s visit to Regis Tiwi.

The Melbourne Cup tour has come a long way since its last visit in the late 2000s and this stopover at Regis Tiwi will be cherished as a day of laughter, stories and the unbreakable bond that the Melbourne Cup creates among Australians. As the Cup continues its global journey, it leaves behind unforgettable memories at each stop, reminding us of all the magic of the race that stops a nation.

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