At Regis, we want to make you feel at home, whatever home means to you. Tony is one of our newest residents at our Sandgate Musgrave home and has recently spent 1:1 time with our team so that we can learn about his likes and dislikes. Our team unearthed Tony’s passion for learning and his inquisitive nature, and subsequently showed him our on-site library for him to explore.

Tony’s father, Cyril, served in WWII as a Corporal in the Australian Army and served for over six years in Brisbane. This drives Tony’s interest in historical war books and is one of the reasons he was so enthused to find a selection of related material in Musgrave’s library. He’s now reading Gallipoli by Les Carlyon; an epic story of the fighting men who forged the legend of Anzac in 1915.

Tony previously worked as a doctor and has always been interested in learning and expanding his knowledge in all areas.

He told our team that you can live a full life if you “observe good manners, be as good as you can, and be the best person you can be.”

Tony and Sharon, our passionate Lifestyle Assistant, now often venture out together into our gardens to enjoy the afternoon with a book in the crisp air.

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