Scuttles may be the smallest member of Regis Playford, but his presence is mighty. Scuttles was adopted by Regis Playford earlier this year and he is extremely fond of his interactions with our wonderful residents. Scuttles has settled into his new home well and is exploring life beyond his tank more now. The Lifestyle Team recently purchased some artificial turf which has allowed him to be out of his tank more to safely roam the land. Although he was initially unsure, he’s now very comfortable and loves his visitors. The residents are extremely fascinated by him and love being able to interact more closely with him and hold him. One of our residents, Ellen, was so surprised by how powerful Scuttles is, she exclaimed “he is stronger than you think” when holding him. Although his little legs are strong, once he’s comfortable in his environment he’s very relaxed. Scuttles has brought a newfound joy and interaction to our residents and they can’t wait to see what he gets up to next.