Who doesn’t love a vanilla slice? Regis Ontario residents recently visited the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph Merbein to battle against all odds to see if they would be crowned as winners of ‘Best Vanilla Slice.’

A resident committee of twelve residents was formed in advance to create and test all the recipes they had used over the years. After much deliberation, and plenty of tasting, the group agreed upon a winning formula they’d take to the competition.

With over 8000 locals and visitors attending this delicious event, the Ontario cohort joined the masses and took their time walking around the various stalls and soaking it all in. Our residents had the opportunity to taste test the competition and many stated how nice the fillings were and how it brought back memories about how they made them for their families. Competitions, however, must only have one winner…

We’re proud to announce that first place went to the residents of Regis Ontario in the over 60s category! Congratulations to everyone involved in this momentous occasion.

The team are looking forward to entering future vanilla slice competitions!

Regis Ontario vanilla slice


Regis Ontario vanilla slice