Being around animals makes most of us happy and life is no different in aged care – that’s why Regis has always welcomed friendly animals into our Homes to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.

Studies have highlighted the physical and mental benefits pets provide – improving social, emotional and cognitive functioning. Specific benefits include fewer visits to the doctor, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and dealing with stressful situations better.

Our Pet Therapy program sees a plethora of animals visiting Homes. From trained therapy dogs to friendly house cats, these lovable visitors are adored by our residents and help encourage communication and create a sense of community. Here are some wonderful stories from our Regis Homes.

Pet Therapy at Regis Sunraysia

Our Mildura residents from Regis Sunraysia were delighted to welcome Sarah from EnviroEdu and her collection of wildlife into our Home. The visit gave our residents the opportunity to connect with some of Australia’s native animals. With a focus on ‘local’ and ‘threatened’ species, EnviroEDU seeks to promote a greater understanding of our local backyard fauna, the importance of conservation and the role we can all play in protecting our natural environment.

This was the first time Sarah and her native animals had visited the Home and it was a huge hit with everyone. Many residents shared that the program brought back fond memories of trips down to the river to go camping and fishing, where they would often see wildlife in their natural habitat.

EnviroEdu will be back again at Regis Sunraysia in a few weeks, this time focusing on Aboriginal cultural practices in our local area and how we can promote conservation and sustainability at a local level.

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy at Regis Frankston

Who doesn’t love a chocolate Labrador?

“I just love beautiful Lottie, I think I’ll keep her,” shares 102-year-old Nancy.

“I have no words, I’m just so happy to see Lottie,” voices Joyce.

“I miss my two dogs so much – they were my babies. When I am visited by Lottie, it brings back those wonderful feelings of how much I loved them,” says Joan.

As you can see, our Frankston residents are huge fans and adore their regular visitor, Lottie. Lottie is a 13-week old Lab owned by our valued Lifestyle Assistant, Jill, who is brought in every fortnight to share her love with our residents.

The joy Lottie brings our residents is priceless and truly heart-warming. Everyone at Regis Frankston expresses their adoration for the puppy and look forward to seeing how she grows each visit. They eagerly await her company and relish hearing about the antics she gets up to outside of the Home.

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy at Regis The Gap

Short bursts of animal interaction can stimulate non-verbal interaction. Just 15 minutes with an animal can increase brain activity and serotonin levels in seniors.

Our residents at Regis The Gap were overjoyed to be visited by a beautiful selection of goats, sheep, chickens and lamas. Resident Doreen shared with the team that she adored the gentleness of the animals and says, “this is where I feel happy.”

Pet Therapy