Working in varying roles at Regis facilities in the last 7 years, Darleena is a motivated and dedicated professional who seized opportunities to develop a career in Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) division.

Now working at Regis National Office, Darleena’s current role has seen her transition to National WHS Adviser. A committed team player with nothing but respect for fellow WHS team members nationally, Darleena says, ‘The team I work with is absolutely phenomenal. We all work like a unit and there’s no such thing as “that’s your job, you do it.” But rather we work together to achieve a common goal.’

WHS Advisor - Darleena

Starting out as a Food Services Attendant at Regis Sandringham in 2010 Darleena originally studied to be a studio arts photographer but soon found a passion helping manage risks and identifying hazards in the workplace. With further studies in WHS and a little encouragement from Sandringham’s Facility Manager she moved to a WHS role in 2013.

Darleena says the concept of keeping people safe always appealed to her and although it’s sometimes suggested that the job is thankless, she emphatically believes that keeping colleagues, residents and family member’s safe in the workplace is its own reward.