Sehrish Farhan is the General Manager at Regis Inala Lodge. Sehrish joined Regis after migrating to Australia in June 2014 and has been part of the Regis family for almost seven years.

She joined in 2014 as a Personal Care Assistant. Her passion and enthusiasm for development have seen her progress to a Registered Nurse, a Clinical Care Manager, and now she is proudly the General Manager at Regis Inala Lodge.

Sehrish shared that Regis has provided her with opportunities for growth and self-development to demonstrate her leadership and expand her skills.

“After almost seven years, I could not be prouder of where I work due to the professional and personal development I have received. Regis is a very structured organisation and provides opportunities for study assistance programs, as well as recognising hard work through different activities such as the Regis National Care Awards,” she said.

Last year, Sehrish won the Outstanding Personal Leadership award. This award recognised Sehrish as a leader who has helped their team achieve exceptional performance by establishing clear purpose, values, directions, and performance expectations. Sehrish is respected and loved by her team and residents.

Sehrish values her team and says everything at work would not be possible without her wonderful team and the support she has around her. She says, “if you are stuck somewhere, you can shout, and someone will come and help you.”

She also emphasised the importance of teamwork while working in aged care, “every day we face many challenges, but as a team, we can easily overcome these, all with a smile on our faces.”

Together, the team at Regis Inala Lodge focuses on “bringing smiles to our residents faces, making a positive difference every day in our residents’ lives, and ensuring they received well deserved care.”

Sehrish says that working in aged care is about continuity of care.

“You not only get an opportunity to provide clinical care, but you can support residents and their families in both the social and emotional aspects of their life. It’s both a heartwarming and special experience where I get the opportunity to build connections with residents and their families, in both a professional and personal capacity, which is a special life experience for me too.”

Sehrish shared that no two days are the same while working in aged care and caring for residents. “Every day, I constantly look for ways where we can improve the care and bring positive outcomes to our residents’ lives.”

She begins her days by setting herself a task list and setting her priorities, which include what she needs to do for the next 24-48 hours. She said, “by having a list, this keeps me focused on work and once my task list is complete by the end of the day, it keeps me motivated to move forward.”

Working in aged care is a privileged opportunity. Sehrish said, “If you have good communication skills, a smile on your face, respect and passion to care for the elderly, and optimism to adapt to change, then working in aged care is the perfect profession and environment to work in.”

Outside of work, Sehrish enjoys the simple things that bring joy to your life, such as spending time with her husband and daughter walking around the gardens, having lunch in a local park or doing grocery shopping together.