Aged Care Employee Day is a special occasion that shines a spotlight on the dedicated professionals working in the aged care sector. Among the many remarkable individuals is Natasha Hincksman, Assistant in Nursing (AIN) at Regis Port Macquarie.

Since joining Regis in 2016, Natasha’s journey has been one of growth and diverse experiences. Beginning as an AIN, she started building the foundation of her career providing essential care and assistance to the residents. As she continued to excel in her role, Natasha took on additional responsibilities, becoming a Medicator, ensuring that the residents received proper medications and treatments. Embracing new challenges, she also transitioned into the Lifestyle role, where she organised activities and events that brought joy and happiness to the elderly residents’ lives.

Natasha’s journey into the aged care sector was driven by her passion for being around people and making a difference. Her commitment to enriching the lives of older people has been the driving force behind her career at Regis. Through her compassion and dedication, Natasha has brought a sense of purpose and fulfillment to her work, creating a positive impact on the lives of the residents in her care.

A typical day for Natasha is devoted to providing individualised care and attention to the residents and ensuring that their personal and social needs are met. Natasha’s focus on fostering happiness and comfort among older people highlights the essence of her role in the aged care community.

“I love being busy and helpful,” Natasha said, “I work with terrific people, and we have a great frontline management team and the conversations and laughs with residents are a highlight of each day.”

Natasha’s tip for those considering a career in aged care: “You have to really care and be caring to work in aged care.”

Beyond her work, Natasha values her wellbeing and personal life. She dedicates time to her physical health by going to the gym and loves spending time with her children.

In celebration of Aged Care Employee Day, we recognise the incredible contributions of Natasha and her team. Their dedication, compassion, and commitment to providing exceptional care for older people is an inspiration.