Rhiannon Really
Clinical Team Leader at Regis Elermore Vale

How did you start your nursing career?

My Mum is a nurse and growing up she worked in Aged Care, I would visit the home she worked at before and after school. I really enjoyed the company and stories of the elderly and feel my desire for a nursing career was embedded then.

Describe your role in one sentence?

Everyday is a professional challenge and eternally rewarding.

What attracted you to work as a nurse in aged care?

The ability to use your clinical judgement to advocate for the residents when liaising with health professionals and allied health. You form unique bonds with not only the residents, but their families which enhances their care needs and clinical outcomes.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

Coffee!! And the diversity of everyday and knowing that today won’t be the same as yesterday.

What do you like about working at Regis?

The opportunity to grow and learn with both support and appreciation. Regis has high standards and to be able to incorporate the same standards into my professionalism is gratifying.

How do our residents benefit from your role?

Care that is dignified, safe and tailored to their needs and choices.

What do you like about being a nurse?

Nursing is a career that never stops giving, you learn new things everyday and the opportunity to grow is limitless. To be able to care for someone when they are at their most vulnerable emotionally or clinically is a really special privilege and some of those moments are forever in your heart.

What advice do you have for people considering a career as an aged care nurse?

Listen – communication is essential in aged care.

How has your role adapted since the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is a day-to-day adaptation; Regis has worked well and hard to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents, staff and families. The feedback from Elermore Vale’s residents, staff and families has all been really positive.

Do you have any daily rituals you live by to maintain your mental and physical health?

Every morning I have a coffee outside with my dog and watch the sunrise, this allows me to clear my mind and focus on what needs to be done for the day.