Tracey Phillips, Personal Care Assistant at Regis Kuluin, was one of the well-deserved finalists of the Outstanding Dementia Care Award at the 2022 National Regis Care Awards.

Tracey joined Regis Kuluin in February of 2016. After spending a few years working nights while her children were young, she made the change to morning shifts. Tracey worked across various wings before settling in the dementia care wing where she currently works.

Speaking of what she loves most about her role, Tracey says, “I love my role in Dementia. I have a great relationship with my residents, and they have consistency and reliability from me. A regular face is very comforting for them.” Tracey and her team prioritise the care and wellbeing of residents and work together to make sure that each day is the best one possible.

While no two days working in dementia care are the same, Tracey’s days often consist of getting residents up for the day and engaging in regular activities. This includes showering, tidying rooms, and changing linens. With a range of activities that are organised for residents by the lifestyle team, such as concerts and outings, every day is different.

Tracey was drawn to a career in aged care after making the decision to study in Aged Care/Disability and Home services. Tracey says, “I never looked back. After achieving my Certificate, I was lucky enough to be employed by Regis. Regis has given me the opportunity to grow and become the best person I can, doing what I love.”

The feeling of achievement and contentment is what Tracey loves most about working with the elderly. Tracey says, “I am comfortable in my role and love the fact that I am helping, comforting, and sharing life with my residents each day. When families can’t be there, we can.”

When asked what advice she has for those considering a career in aged care, Tracey says, “it can be very rewarding and fulfilling. There are many choices of areas to work and many different rosters to suit everyone. There is something for everyone.”

Outside of work, Tracey enjoys making the most of the outdoors with regular camping and fishing trips. Alongside her husband, four children, and pets, Tracey values quality family time where they take walks, watch films, and cheer on their favourite sports team. Tracey has also spent a lot of time selflessly helping others by being a foster carer and caring for children of all different needs.

To Tracey, home is “anywhere my family and special people are. At our home, caravan, anywhere. Home is also where my residents are, their home which I enjoy spending the majority of my week and being a part of their lives.”

We thank Tracey for her tireless commitment to residents in dementia care and congratulate her for being nominated as a finalist at the 2022 National Regis Care Awards.