Regis Tiwi – Resident Stories

Bob and David have been residents at Regis Tiwi for two and half years, and 6 years, respectively. These two well respected men take pride in sharing their extraordinary stories from their time serving Australia. Bob spent his career in the police force and David in both the police and the SAS 1st Australian Task Force. David toured Vietnam twice in 1965 and in 1975 and our Tiwi residents love hearing all the tales he has to tell.

You can see Bob and David here saluting before they went off to their yearly Police Force Reunion – an event where they can meet their old colleagues and friends.

Away from the bustle of Darwin CBD, Regis Tiwi aged care home is set amongst well-tended lawns and palm trees and also features verandas, sunny courtyards, a popular bbq area and a large shaded outdoor area.

Located just minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from the Casuarina Shopping Centre and is next to Dripstone Park. Regis Tiwi is a 135-bed facility offering single, double and shared rooms with en suites, along with contemporary furnishings and finishes, all with external patio access.

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