Having a friend close by is essential to feeling safe, secure, and at ease, particularly in senior years. At Regis, shared occupancy offers a fantastic opportunity for companionship and the blossoming of friendships, with double rooms turning former strangers into dependable friends in no time.

Carol Sellers, 62, and Sui Wong, 83, are roommates and newfound friends at Regis Hurstville. Carol has resided at Regis for six years, while Sui made Regis Hurstville her new home one year ago. Despite coming from two different cultures and backgrounds, the ladies get along exceptionally well and feel comfortable confiding in each other.

Carol grew up in Balmain, Liverpool, and Baxley, often moving around as dictated by her father’s career requirements. In her adult life, Carol “had lots of jobs. Washing cars, working in shops and cleaning. I retired early, though, because of my health.” Sui grew up in China and migrated to Australia, where she had her son and made her new life. Sui is “a wife, mother and avid gardener who cares for those I love.”

When talking about her new friend, Carol says, “Sui is a good roommate. She keeps the curtain closed and respects my privacy when we are in the room together. She checks in on me when I choose to stay in bed for the day. I feel safe with her there.” Similarly, Sui says, Carol “lets me close the curtain, and we respect each other’s privacy. I like looking after her when she needs me to.”

Despite having their separate group of friends, they spend time with during the day, the ladies have developed a close bond and love their time together. Sui says, “Carol enjoys being with the other ladies during the day, and I spend time with the other Chinese-speaking ladies. Although we both really like bingo, exercise groups, and happy hour.” Carol says, “Sui and I enjoy watching TV together at night. She doesn’t have one, so I turn my screen around so she can watch mine”.

Sharing a space means that Carol and Sui can look out for each other and ensure that neither feels lonely. Speaking about her new home at Regis Hurstville, Sui says, “I like living here. I have friends, a hot meal each day and a warm bed. I feel safe.”