Sizzling Senior – Day Therapy at Nedlands

Lily started attending our Nedlands Day Therapy Centre in June 2018 after her doctor recommended she take up exercise to assist with some health issues. Lily had never participated in structured exercise classes before, however, she used to play basketball and table tennis when she was younger. According to Lily, she is “the laziest person on earth”, although this is very hard to believe as Lily is renowned for her enthusiasm and energy! Prior to COVID-19, Lily was attending three ‘Sizzling Seniors’ classes per week at our Day Therapy Centre; she particularly enjoyed the social interaction of these classes and felt part of this inclusive community.

Recently, Lily has been embracing Zoom exercise sessions instead with her usual enthusiasm and gusto and has been attending four to five Zoom classes each and every week. Such an incredible achievement!

With the Day Therapy Centre now re-open, Lily still chooses to supplement her in-person exercise sessions with Zoom classes. In one memorable week, Lily attended seven classes in total (one in person and six on Zoom) and also had a podiatry session at the Centre!

Lily told us that the exercise has helped with her health issues and she has enjoyed the option of the Zoom classes.

Lily is definitely a Sizzling Senior!