They may not be Olympians – or even tri-athletes – but the determination to succeed amongst members of the Regis Aged Care community can’t be disputed.

That’s because dozens of seniors from Regis Wynnum gathered at the Home to take part in a highly anticipated tournament – the Home’s first ever Chair Olympics.

The Games were a sporting extravaganza, where residents ignited their competitive spirit and tried their skills at archery, darts, golf, table tennis, basketball and lawn bowls.

“This was so much fun and it was great to have the kids helping out, really wonderful,” shares resident Maureen.

“You really do an amazing job. I never would have thought we would do something like this,” says Colin.

Residents from the local aged care home enjoyed the lively atmosphere and opportunity to test their skills in a fun and supportive manner. These activities benefit the residents by encouraging social engagement, improving dexterity, and promoting independence.

It’s fair to say the residents have had a lot of fun taking part in the Games at Regis Wynnum and the tournament was a huge success.

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