Our clients attending our Day Therapy service in Darwin are seeing how low they can go by taking part in the 500 Club squat challenge! Sixty-two participants are undertaking the challenge to build up their strength and mobility by incorporating squats into their daily routine.

What started as ten squats per 45-minute exercise session quickly grew to 30-40 squats, with one session seeing the group achieve more than 500 squats. By mid-June, the group reached the incredible collective total of 10,822 squats.

Competition is encouraged, with a board keeping track of everyone’s progress towards the goal, but group motivation has seen the best results. We love seeing our participants motivate each other to push their limits and fit that final squat into their set. Tracking their progress and seeing their achievements has been a highlight for our team.

Our first participant to reach the 500 Club was Valda, with Michael coming in a close second. As a reward for their hard work, both were presented with a water bottle in the shape of a dumbbell. Taking advantage of their well-deserved bragging rights, Valda and Michael now walk proudly through the Centre with the water bottle in hand, a reminder of their newfound strength.

Many of our participants continue to squat throughout their day, proving that good habits never die. In the exercise groups, the goal is 30 squats throughout the session, which our seasoned participants make light work of.

The challenge introduced significant benefits to the lives of our clients, which were expected. However, one unforeseen benefit is the recurring question overheard throughout the centre: “How many squats can you do?” The challenge is on.