Sustainability Month – The Turtle Tribe

It’s Sustainability Month here at Regis and we’re proud to put a spotlight on our bamboo toothbrush project which commenced in December 2020. We’ve partnered with Ned Heaton and his Turtle Tribe to replace approximately 30,000 plastic toothbrushes with sustainable, biodegradable bamboo alternatives.

It’s been three months since we made the switch and our residents are loving the change and doing their part to preserve the environment. Pam Dillon from Regis Ringwood told us that “I find using the bamboo toothbrush a very good alternative to using plastic. The bristles are a little softer which I prefer and I like the head size and handle shape.”

Linda Mellors, CEO and Managing Director at Regis, said “Regis Aged Care is delighted to be working with kidpreneur Ned Heaton to reduce plastic toothbrush waste and support local innovation. We know sustainability is of high importance to our residents, clients, families, employees and shareholders. Providing our residents with a new high quality bamboo toothbrush every three months is great for oral health as well as the environment. We are keen to support and partner with other Australian entrepreneurs to improve products and services for older people.”

In a bid to encourage people to make the change away from plastic, Ned created a biodegradable bamboo alternative and we’re thrilled to be a part of this sustainable change. Switching to bamboo toothbrushes helps save the environment, especially the oceans, and will have an enormous impact on the planet.

Find out more about the incredible work Ned and his Turtle Tribe are doing here.

Bamboo Toothbrushes