If you are interested in aged care there are special qualities and attributes that will make you great in this field.

The Regis Carers Connect team are professionals at recruiting, career-news, evaluating and placing candidates in our facilities. We have a unique understanding of the qualities needed when selecting a carer and have distilled them down to 5 qualities:

1. Reliability
2. Respectfulness and Honesty
3. Flexibility and Cooperativeness
4. Persistence
5. Empathy and Kindness

Let’s look at the first quality – Reliability

Reliability is a vital attribute for a carer; it engenders an image of being trustworthy and dependable. So how can someone demonstrate that they have these qualities in their role? Examples include arriving for shifts on time, fulfilling daily tasks, working collaboratively with the team and being consistent in performance.

Our Facilities tell us that a dependable carer quickly builds a reputation as an essential part of a team. Being reliable inspires trust in the care recipient as they feel secure knowing that they will be consistently cared for. Not only does the care recipient benefit, but this attitude also builds strong relationships with co-workers, which will increase productivity and better team morale.

In my next blog I will go through attributes 2 and 3 (Respectfulness and Honesty; and Flexibility and Cooperativeness).

When you demonstrate all of these personal qualities, you’ll be amazed at how appreciative and responsive your team will become.

Giovanna Joshua.